Chi Kung Acupuncture

The Chi Kung Acupuncture and common acupuncture therapeutic treatments are different.

With the treatment of common acupuncture, the therapeutic effect only occurs by the force of the needles. This therapeutic effect manifests itself in form of reactions, such as pain caused by the needles, the pain itself, heaviness, numbness, etc. while the needles are applied. With this type of treatment the stimulations and reactions that occur in the body disappear once the needles are removed and the treatment ends.

On the other hand, in the Chi Kung Acupuncture treatment, as it is carried out by needles and Chi energy, during the time the needles are applied, the energy circulates through the affected area and throughout the body. With the action of the energy, the stimulus generated by the needles is much stronger than it would be with a common treatment of acupuncture, thus generating better results.

After removing the needles, the energy will still remain in the patient’s body and may remain there up to three days. The feeling that the needles are still applied and even the pain may continue.

Such reactions do not indicate that the patient is getting worse. On the contrary, they assure you that the healing process continues.

People with health problems can have stronger and longer-lasting reactions of this sort. There is no reason to worry, as these reactions do not last more than 3 or 4 days.

In the case of headaches, shoulder ache, backache and aching legs, as well as problems in the different organs, blockages in the blood and energy circulation, systems which do not function well, tumors, etc., Chi Kung Acupuncture can solve these problems in a very special way. The needles are applied directly into the blockage of the negative energy or tumor. That is why the body’s reaction after the session are stronger than in common acupuncture. This is also positive, since it is part of the healing process.

Concerning the blood:

Usually one does not bleed when the needles are removed, although patients with unhealthy blood, could bleed a little. In these cases, there is no need to worry as the blood is a sign of the positive purifying effect of the treatment.

Concerning the clothes:

In common acupuncture, patients take off their clothes and needles are applied directly into the skin. However, applying Chi Kung Acupuncture, needles are applied to the fully dressed body.

It is done that way to increase the therapeutic effect. With clothes on, the body surface keeps warm and the energy and the blood circulate more fluently. Of course, like this, there is no danger that the clothes are the cause of any virus transmission.