Tui Na Wubaomen

Tui Na is one of the oldest therapies applied to humans and it is considered to be an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is an ancestral massage which was handed down among family members from generation to generation. Much later specialists started working with meridians and acupuncture points. This ancient massage is simple, easy to learn and very effective. It can be done by anyone, and previous knowledge is not necessary. With this massage you can help yourself and the family to relieve the most common sort of pain.

In the beginning there weren’t many manipulations. The treatment was only done by pressing and giving a massage. It consists of pressing hard and giving the massage in circles. Thanks to clinical experience, a lot of manipulations were developed and it was turned into a full treatment system.

Wubaomen Tui Na recover the origin and essence of this method. In an easy and simple manner the function of the nervous system and blood circulation can be improved, energy purified, the structure between bones and soft tissues can be corrected and pain relieved. Many mental, physical and emotional illnesses are cured due to the existing relation between acupuncture points, meridians and organs. This is the way to cure the whole body.