Canary Association of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

The Canary Association of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung was founded in 2007, it has been created with the spirit to spread both disciplines in the insular ambit. The Head Instructor Sifu Jordi Moya Pizarro is the president.

The Association represents in Canary Islands the teachings of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong, president of the Plum Blossom International Federation and the Master Sun Junqing, director of the Wubaomen Qigong School.


The Canary Association logo is the verol (Aeonium) of the Greek “aionion” that means always alive. This plant can resist in extreme conditions in the desert. The seven leaves that form a rosette over a taunt stem are the symbol of the seven islands in one, Las Canarias. This spiralled model expresses the dynamics and interaction of Yin and Yang which arises from emptiness and then returns in the same way that happened in the macrocosm. The dominant concept is always the circle, since it suggests a perfect unit without beginning or end.

Plum Blossom International Federation


The Internation Federation logo is the national flower of China, the Plum Blossom, symbol of eternity, as it is a flower that flourish in winter, when life is muted. The five petals contain the Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi ideograms. The centre is composed of the Tai Chi symbol which shows the two first inseparable principals, Yin and Yang, representing the universal powers, which are manifested in everything.

Wubaomen Qigong School

Escuela Waomen chi Kung

The Wubaomen School logo represents the most elevated level of the authentical Chi Kung, it contains the explanation of this Chi Kung and its stages.

In the centre there is as a human figure formed by two Yin-Yang emblems. The figure is surrounded by three coloured circles on a white background.

This figure contains four elements:

  1. This person’s posture corresponds to the styling of a Chinese character which means serenity. This character (divided into two parts) expresses that the practice of this exercise of serenity, which it is essential within the Wubaomen, is the way of a true Chi Kung and practicing it one can progress towards a Chi Kung high level.
  2. This imagen represents a person doing the main exercise; the Shougong of Wudang Yangsheng Chi Kung and expresses the importance of the practice.
  3. The Yin-Yang that forms the head of this figure, the Yin part refers to the energy of the body, symbolized by the water and the Yang part to the negative desires and emotions, symbolized by the fire. The position on the top of the Yin part and on the bottom of the Yang part means that through the Wubaomen practice in a serene state the desires can be dominated, putting them under and in that way they turn into the fire that heats the water of its own energy. Usually this position is inverted.
  4. The person’s body part represents the Earlier Heaven form. It is the primordial state, similar to the divine state and the Xianren (Immortal Taoists). It expresses that through the Wubaomen practice in a serene state, the internal energy of the person and his mental state can be transformed and so it is possible to return to his original state. In this logo the Yin part refers to the moon and the Yang part, to the sun. Both of these stars are showing us behavior patterns that we should follow if we want to enjoy health and happiness.

Also it represents the four levels in the Wubaomen practice:

  1. Surrounding the human figure there is a blue circle. It symbolizes the earth and also represents the Chi Yin of the earth with which we exist. It refers to the health development level through the Wubaomen practice in a serene state, we absorb the Chi Yin of the earth and it goes through our inner body.
  2. Surrounding the blue circle there is a red one. Symbolising the Chi Yang of the sun that illuminates the earth. It is about a healthy longevity state and through the Wubaomen practice in a serene state, we absorb the Chi Yang of the sun, and like a flow of warm chi it goes through our inner body and circulates through every meridian.
  3. The most external circle is yellow. Symbolising the Chi of the good fortune; the Chi that provides happiness and virtue and the solar system and heaven is full of it. It refers to the stage that through the Wubaomen practice in a serene state, we absorb the Chi of the heaven and the solar system and it goes through our inner body. In this stage we enjoy a healthy body and a pleasant feeling of wellness and we can realize the truth of the Universe and the existence of energy. At this level it is possible to heal others.
  4. The white background color symbolizes the Chi from primordial chaos that constitutes the origin of the Universe. It expresses the variety of experiences that through the Wubaomen practice and assimilation in a serene state, we can reach the states of Daoshen (Chi White Body) and the Fashen (Chi Yellow Body) with our own body. And it becomes Tianxian, and we can enter into the Chi world and into the world of the primordial chaos of the Universe with the possibility to move freely through them without separating from this world.